Come Join The Peace Mafia For Good Vibes

My Residencies:

The Helix Nebula
The Lion's Den


To book The Missing Peace for your next event in FFXIV please contact my manager by discord DM to aurora.nebulaAvailable most Friday and Saturdays until 2 am EST and Sundays that are until midnight EST.

Well what can I say... I'm a DJ who loves good music and good vibes...and wearing The Peace Helmet or Snow Head in FF14. If you see me running around feel free to say hello.
The Missing Peace was an idea born out of finding myself and figuring out who that man is that I want to be. I must say, it has been a great ride so far and I look forward to keeping the dance floor alive. I tend to freestyle mix which means I will have you booty shaking all the way to headbanging. You never know what you'll get but I guarantee you this.....You'll love it.I'm all about good vibes and good music. If that's how you are also...well then... WELCOME TO THE PEACE MAFIA!!To keep up with when DJ The Missing Peace goes live next join The Peace Hotel discord below.